Hello from the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show
April 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8, 2018

We thank you for your interest in become part of a very exclusive group of creative landscape professional, a San Francisco Flower & Garden Show "Garden Creator".

After completing this short application you will be contacted by our Garden Producer.
In 2018, the San Francisco Flower & Garden Show will be celebrating its 33rd annual event!  Started in 1986, from the beginning the Show’s goal has been to encourage and inspire cutting edge gardens, the principals of good design and exciting plant species.  Today more than ever, we strive to showcase and promote all elements of the landscape industry.  

This year we are especially excited!  It marks the return to the COW PALACE!  After 10 years, the Show is going home!  For those of you that have experienced the magic of the Cow Palace arena, filled with glorious gardens, there is no need to explain our excitement.  For those that have not seen the Show when it was at the Cow Palace, you will be experiencing the magic that cannot be duplicated at any other venue in the World!   

As a past, current or future Garden Creator, we hope you’ll consider joining us in 2018, and be part of our homecoming, bringing the Show back to “world class” status.  This can only be done with the participation and support of the garden design community.  

The first step to joining us in 2018 is to complete this short Garden Creator Application.

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Gardens can be open to an aisle on 1, 2 or 3 sides.  What is your preference?

Anticipated Garden Style

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